PharmaGuide Book

The most reliable source for Fast, Accurate and Quick essential prescribing and trade information on all medicines with their Therapeutic Categories, Contents, Indications, Dosage, Contraindications, Precautions, Interactions, Adverse Effects and Prices.

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PharmaGuide Smartphone Application

PharmaGuide smartphone version provides information as in the PharmaGuide Book. The application can be downloaded onto Android and iPhones. The application is an offline application, information updated monthly.

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PharmaGuide Hospital Version

Create your own Hospital Formulary and make your Hospital excel in medical information services. Get your own Hospital Formulary onto computers and smartphone of all the staffs in Hospitals. Thus help your Doctors, Pharmacists and Nurses get ALL essential information of all medicines available in your Hospital.

GCC Edition Pakistan Edition

PharmaGuide Desktop Version

Get your pharmacy database at one place. You don't need to consult multiple references and waste your precious time for information on medicines available in your country.

GCC Edition Pakistan Edition


A retail sale audit report of almost 2000 pages providing sales of all medicines by Company, Therapeutic Category & Contents. The Report provides all purchases made by pharmacies which facilitates pharmaceutical companies to analyze sales data of Pakistan pharmaceutical market and to develop their business strategies. The report is available in hard copies and in electronic form.


RED BOOK is a quick reference guide for pharmacies providing wholesale and retail prices of all drugs available in Pakistan along with information about drug distributors, alternative products and their contents.

PEDS PharmaGuide

Published after every 3 years. The internationally approved pediatric indications and dosages are provided for all the pediatric medicines in Pakistan. The dosages of all medicines are made extremely easy by colour dosage chart based on body weight/age.

Pocket PharmaGuide

A pocket guide of dosage recommendations and drug administration procedures for medical and allied professions. It also provides at fingertips the risk factors of drug use during pregnancy and breast feeding.


Seamlessly Integrated Pharma, Food and Cosmetics Business Application System

Pharma Business Customized ERP covering all areas of pharma manufacturing and non-manufacturing business processes. All the modules of the ERP Software- Inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing, Quality, Sales, Distribution, Financial and Planning are Seamlessly Integrated. The pre-developed and tested Customized ERP conform to cGMP requirements and can be implemented on Turn-key basis to provide information to all levels of management on Real Time basis, All the Time, Any Time.


COMeT is an online / offline order booking Application that is going to make life easy and business effective for all distributors across the country. The Application has been specifically developed for distributors across the globe with an offer of customized services.

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